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@rt Room
- Dr. Craig Roland, Associate Professor of Art Education, at the University of Florida presents this wonderful site that stimulates the imagination and offers all kinds of reasons to want to express one's self artistically. Check out the @rt Sparkers and @rtrageous Thinking to see what I mean.

Color Matters
- See how easy it is to bring art and science together in a tangible way.


Acronym Finder
- Searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military

Anthology of Middle English Literature
- Essays, articles and sources on Chaucer, Gawain, Langland, Julian,
Kempe, Malory, Everyman, as well as Lyrics and Plays - wonderful layout and indispensable resource.

Write My Essay | 100% Original Content
- search for a pro academic writing advice among the top essay writers and editors. Every writer have passed through the screening process and proved researching skills and business ethics to meet your expectations.

Classics Archive
- Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different
authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web
sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in
English translation

Language Arts Update
- Find links to just about anything related to language arts: drama, English, library, literature, media, and writing.

Linguistic Fun Page
- Looking for a new twist to many of the English topics we tirelessly
attempt to impart to our students? This sight is a hoot - lots of
off-beat approaches and fun links

The Basic Elements of English
- Grammar tutorials offered by the English Department at the University of Calgary. This site is divided into four major tutorial sections: Parts of Speech, Sentence Elements, Punctuation and Word Use. You can test your grammar skills and get immediate feedback by trying the exercises at the end of the tutorials.

- Home of "Vocabulary University", a great place for games and puzzles
that promote word power including thematic word puzzles on a range of
topics; separate word puzzle booklets can be purchased if you want to
delve further into the activities, but for my money (literally)
everything you need is right online


- If you are looking for biology basics, this is the site for you! This site offers an introduction to the science of biology. It's not just biology for kids; it's for everyone!

Cells Alive
- Quill Graphics presents this impressive collection of animated images of bacterial and viral infections, parasites, and other small celled living things with detailed information. Covers plant and animal cells, cell reproduction, cell cycles and even a crystals gallery.

I Can Do That!
- These Fun pages cover cell theory and the genetic materials that make reproduction of living things possible. Part of the Eureka Science site, I Can Do That! offers not only a general study of cells, but DNA. RNA, synthesis, cloning and genetic engineering in simplified terms. Great for middle school and up.

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs)
- The University of Kentucky entomology department hosts this kid-friendly collection of resources on the study of insects, including Bugfood, Insects All Year, and Mystery Bug. The Wee Beasties Entomology Newsletter for Teachers and the Critter Casefiles, the Night Insect Walk 2004 and the lessons and units are all first rate resources.

Living Families
- The Franklin Institute presents this awesome site on the classification of plants and animals, including Biological Classifications, the Tree of Life, Animal Kingdom Taxonomy, the Diversity of Life, Animal Bytes and Vascular Vegetables. Correlation to the National Science Education Standards help to make this site invaluable to teachers.

Strange Science
- Subtitled "The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology," this site tracks the growth of the life sciences from their inception. The site includes a timeline, biographies and a goof gallery that helps students appreciate that hypotheses are not always proven true in the process of scientific investigation. A nice tie-in between science and the humanities!


- If you are looking for chemistry basics, this is the site for you! You can find information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry. This site offers an introduction to the science of chemistry. It's not just for kids; it's for everyone!

Practice Tests
- Review your knowledge of math and science with this series of practice tests.

That Quiz
- Lots of interactive quizzes in math, geography, vocabulary, world languages, and science.


Climate Map of the US
- JAVA applet of all fifty states; click on areas of interest to learn more about climate in specific regions.

- Virtual destinations around the globe to help your students further experience the physical geography of the world around them.

- If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, this is the site for you! This site offers and introduction to the earth sciences that include topics on the Earth's structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere (for a start). It's not just geography for kids; it's for everyone!

Map Machine
- National Geographic presents this searchable collection of maps, also available by category. Check out the conservation maps to see something completely different.

- David Leveson of the Geography Department at Brooklyn College put together these straightforward tutorials on basic concepts in making and reading maps.


Fitness JumpSite
- This exhaustive site covers all things to do with health and fitness, including cooking and nutrition, training, mental fitness and sports medicine. The activity calorie calculator is a neat feature to help students figure out how much energy they burn up based on their body mass and the duration of activity. It is best suited for secondary students, and it doesn't fall prey to the sex and relationship tendencies of other fitness sites claiming to be addressing healthy "lifestyles".

Visible Human
- A virtual tour of the human body, Visible Human uses cross-sectional anatomy, animation and interactive annotations to create understandings and demonstrate relationships within the human body. The site is graphics intensive and even makes use of streaming video, but the rewards are worth the wait. Fabulous for high school, this site is maintained by the Washington University at St. Louis School of Medicine.


Birth of a Nation
- This ThinkQuest winner from 1998 offers a look at people, places and events that helped define the American Revolution. There's a real emphasis on the common man here and the special features really make this site worthwhile. There's a Person Creator using the different pieces of clothing from the colonial era, a list of important New England locations that plays itself out like a virtual tour, a remarkable 24 hour timeline from April 18 and 19, 1775, a map of the route of the British and patriot messengers took, and a reenactment video you can download and view with your class!

- This companion to the 6 hour PBS production of the same name offers a wealth of materials you can use in your classroom. The Chronicle reports conditions at various points in the war, Perspectives offers a look at daily life both in America and around the world at the time, and the Road to Revolution game challenges students with an interactive quiz, QuickTime video and audio clips and choices to be made as they make their way through a simulation of the war. Great for students from upper elementary through high school.

The American Revolution Timeline
- The History Place presents this comprehensive look at the events that shaped the war for independence, from Colonial times through the Federal era. There's links to images and documents along the way, and a chronological journey that is striking in its scope and breadth. You'll want to bookmark this site as a handy reference for your class if nothing else, but the possibilities here for research and other projects is impressive!


Ask Doctor Math
- Comprehensive archives for common queries plus a link to contact Dr. Math yourself if you can't find your answer on his site

Interactive math
- Games and puzzles, arithmetic and algebra, geometry, probability, fast reckoning, mathematics as a language, proofs in mathematics, the many ways to construct a triangle - and many teacher ideas and activities

Khan Academy
- Sal Khan began by creating a few YouTube videos for his niece to help her with her math homework. It has developed into a YouTube video library of over 2100 videos as well as some progress monitoring tools.
As you'll see the videos are primarily Math and Science at the middle/high school levels (and college too). There are a few simple math videos that could be used in elementary school.

Online Math Applications
- This ThinkQuest Junior site is anything but junior in its applications: Investing, Music, Science, History.....all presented with higher level tasks such as figuring out how to double the speed of an Intel processor and how to estimate how much college is going to cost. Great topics with lots of information as well as challenging activities.

Practice Tests
- Review your knowledge in Math and Science with these series of practice tests.

- Puzzles, games and lots of materials to promote problem solving strategies


- Here's a site that offers 5000 definitions to words commonly found on standardized tests like the SAT. it's a grocery list folks, best saved to your hard drive so you can use your browser's Find function to quickly sort through words later. There's also a link to Texas Instruments where they have created Study Cards that run on the TI-73 and TI-83 Plus covering vocabulary, literature, math science, social studies, the arts and much, much more!

- Here's a completely free site dedicated to helping students prepare for such tests as the SAT and GRE with such features as word and problem of the day, a vocabulary builder, and a free tutorial that allows students to receive feedback on their work - even sending e-mail reminders of what to study! There's also a coach's page for parents and teachers trying to support their students in preparing for the test.

Secrets of the SAT
- PBS' Frontline series tackles the Standardized Achievement Test with a look at its history, a discussion of its use to screen college applicants, and an exercise in rating and following five applicants through the admissions process to see who actually is accepted. There's video and audio clips and controversial topics like the "booming test prep business" and "race sensitive admissions".


Creative Internet Applications
- There are many ways that Internet resources can accompany the the classroom, but what is truly impressive is the selection of sites which create new and innovative ways to reach children. Warning: You'll want a big chunk of free time to explore - these aren't just creative.....they're FUN!

- Here you will find links on how to have your own keypal (email penpal) and a variety of lessons associated with having one. This is a great resource for ESL students, language arts classes, and cultural explorations.

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